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In collaboration with SDA Bocconi School of Management

The event

TECO’15 will take place on the 16th and 17th of June in Milan and provides in-depth technology, application and macro-economic analysis  on mechatronics, automation and power transmission. The interventions will be screened by a Technical Committee to ensure the quality and significance of the content. TECO’15 proposes concrete solutions to suppliers of components and systems and end users of the main sectors. A unique event, a concrete proposal for those who want to understand the level of innovation, creativity and expertise that the companyies of the mechatronic chain for the transmission of power and automation offer every day to costumers around the world.

Three Associations “on the move” to value the distinctive expertise of Italian companies.

ASSIOT, ANIE Automazione and ASSOFLUID gather once more to let the Italian market, in particular OEMs and End Users, know the expertise and the high technological level that companies belonging to these industries can offer. A unique opportunity to meet and exchange ideas between supply and demand. 

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ASSIOT – Power and motion world: Italian Association of Gears and Transmission Elements Manufacturers, represents the sector of Italian industry steadily exceeding 6 billion euros of yearly turnover, and a positive trade balance for over a billion and a half. Among its members ASSIOT counts the most representative industry companies – nearly a hundred manufacturers of mechanic transmissions, gears and supports – counting up to over 60% of nationwide production.


ANIE Automazione: with more than 100 member companies represents the Italian reference point for suppliers of technologies for industrial, process and network automation. This industry produces a nationwide turnover of more than 4 billion euros and employs 25.000 people. ANIE Automazione is organized in product and system groups according to themes such as motion control, monitoring and control of machines and industrial processes, infrastructure of communication networks, human machine interface and the remote control of public utility networks.


ASSOFLUID: Italian Association of Manufacturing and Trading CompaniesinFluidPowerEquipment and Components. In more than forty years of activity, the Association has grown significantly going from the 13 founding members to the present membership of 190 companies. These companies represent 70% of the Italian market and employee approximately more than 14,000 people.
With a production of 3 billion euros and a positive trade balance of over 1 billion, the Italian reality of fluid power ranks second in Europe and firth worldwide.