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In collaboration with SDA Bocconi School of Management

The Themes

Will be covered particularly sensitive themes such as process improvement, flexibility, efficiency, security, that today more than ever are basic concepts in the search for quality and best business performance.

The sector to which TECO addresses is large and will also be interesting to analyze the synergies between the different sectors and the important levers of competitiveness represented by the potential of integration and interdisciplinarity of our sector.

The “Technology” Session
It addresses to all potential speakers and will gather the statements on technical issues such as materials, products and solutions, design, rules.
The “Economy” Session
Particularly dedicated to suppliers of services, it is also open to the best practice of all companies in the industry. The starting-points may be: company structure, marketing, communication, sales, administration, finance and control, after-sale support.
The “Academy” Session
Thought for universities and research centers but also for companies willing to describe their experiences concerning issues such as: research and development, university- company cooperation, education.

The goals

TECOMeeting: an event which aims to involve the Gotha of the mechatronics, automation and power transmission world.

  • Switching from an event focused to a meeting between members, their suppliers and partners, to an occasion of meeting / confrontation with the market.
  • Give visibility to the technological offer ot the companies and, in particular, those associated. Strengthen the relationship between industry and academic world.
  • Identify and emphasize the distinctive capabilities of the Italian industry in the sector making it an international leader.